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Things to do with your family on holiday

Things to do with your family on holiday

Family Vacations is some of the most memorable times of any person’s life. The memories you make there will be held dear in old age and remembered fondly. It is one of the most important family bonding experiences as well, bringing families together through shared experiences.

In recognition of this, Nowahala Tours created a Top 10 Family Activities to do on a holiday this season:

1. Take your kids to the beach

It is every child’s favourite thing to spend time on the beach. Swimming with mom and dad, building sand castles, flying a kite, running away from the breaking waves as if it is a big monster trying to catch you, eating ice cream and much more. Have some fun in the sun!

2. Visit a theme park!

Nothing brings out the laughter in a child more that an exhilarating and fun roller coaster or water park. It is a great way for children to burn of that extra energy as well as pushing them to overcome their fears! And the best of all, it is fun for the grownups too.

3. Have a travel drawing box

Kids love to draw, and like we all know most of the time it is not just in a colour book and white piece of paper. Give each of your children an old shoe box wrapped with white paper. Your kids can draw on this box before the travelling start to create excitement. During your trip they can put in all the pictures that they draw and also small items unique to the destination. Encourage your children to draw the sceneries of the places you visit and remember to write the date on each picture.

4. Allow your kids to learn a new skill

It is always very important to allow your kids to try out new activities they show an interest in. Doing this might just be the way to learn your child’s biggest talent or see your child at his/her happiest. Consider activities that is unique and fun for your children like karaoke, golf or even cooking.

5. Have a picnic outside and remember the big Ice cream

Have a family picnic – Family vacations are all about family time and bonding. So organise a picnic for you and the family, prepare the food as a family and get to the outdoors, the fresh air and sense of togetherness will create not just family memories but it will be healthy as well.

6. Rainy day? No problem – Fun board games is always a winner!

There is an endless amount of board games these days and believe it or not, but most of the times it is the parents that enjoys it the most. From 30 Seconds, Pictionary to the old trustworthy Monopoly. It is fun and sometimes gets that competitive juices flowing.

7. Buy a notebook and get your child to write a school holiday diary

It is a good thing to keep our kids educationally active when on holiday. Encouraging your child to write a diary can, not only just improve his grammar and writing skills, but is also an amazing way to capture memories to read again in a few years’ time.

8. Plan a Treasure Hunt

On your own, hide some little treasures, like sweets or dime-store jewels in and around your garden. Then create that awesome pirate map for your children to use. It will be fun, creative and a learning exercise for them as well

9. Visit a museum

The world is full of weird and wonderful museums, from cars, natural history, art, music and so much more! Visit these places, you never know, you just might pick up a new hobby and your children will learn a thing or two or trigger a passion they never knew they had

10. Read a Book

One of the best activities to do is reading a book! Read that book that you have not gotten around to during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Instil that passion of reading in your children, the rewards will be endless for your children’s future

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