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Mnarani Club & Spa
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Club Mnarani
Breathtaking surroundings, Warmth and exceptional hospitality, excellent accommodation, fine dining, Entertainment and recreational facilities for all…

Mnarani has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that you feel the moment you walk through the doors. It is a uniquely appealing quality not easily defined, but instantly noticeable as a physical reaction in the soles of your feet and the swing of your hips and a joyful feeling of well-being in your soul. It’s more than the warmth and genuine hospitality of the staff, it’s more than the simple delights of space and comfort and it’s more than the sensory stimuli of myriad sights, sounds and smells and the endless tropical canvas of colours. It’s the very heart of MNARANI welcoming you here!

Situated on the cliffs of Kilifi Creek, just where the creek meets and merges with the Indian Ocean.

There’s nothing more famous about Kenya than going on a safari to one of the many national parks or reserves located throughout the country. The most famous wildlife viewing sanctuaries include Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru and Tsavo East.


Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya, along with the Serengeti in Tanzania, share the annual Wildebeest migration. The captivating event is one of the few natural land migrations that remains intact in the world today. Every year, 1.5 million wildebeests and zebra migrate overland in search of food and water. The event takes place between May and June, depending on the rainy season.


The East African Indian Ocean coast is one of the best places in the world to take it easy and enjoy a beach holiday. Along with pristine stretches of white sand and swaying palms, the laid back attitude and friendly Kenyans along the coast add to the serenity. To check out the Kenyan coast, you might visit areas around Mombasa, Diani, Malindi or Kilifi.


Just off the coast of Kenya is a small cultural island called Lamu. Over the course of hundreds of previous years, the island has been shaped by local Bantu African tribes, Arab traders and Portuguese explorers. The mix of cultures has created a fascinating history and a unique Swahili people and culture. Lamu includes one of the oldest inhabited cities in Kenya.


Not nearly as popular as neighboring giant Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya remains Africa’s second tallest peak and is often considered a more challenging climb. The breathtaking scenery is marked by incredible views of Kenya and even great glimpses of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Most trekkers summit Mount Kenya at Lenana Peak point.


The coolest thing about the park is that cycling and foot walking are permitted without needing a guide (and there are lions in the park!). The canyon gorge, jagged rock formations and opportunities for camping make Hell’s Gate a great place to visit in Kenya.


Whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Tana River in Kenya are becoming popular activities in the country. Not only are there adventurous river rapids, but also an opportunity to view Kenya’s nature from the river. The ecosystem and bird viewing while rafting through the valley are spectacular.


Kisumu is one of the choice cities in Kenya to visit that is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, the African great lake. From serene sunset views of the lake to the fresh fish and and laid back atmosphere, Kisumu is a pleasant town.


There’s no denying that Nairobi doesn’t always get the best reputation. Sure, there is crime within the city, but if you take the necessary precautions, visiting Nairobi will be a rewarding experience. Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya and offers a mixed bag of historical museums, African tribal exhibitions, Kenyan street food, local markets, modern shopping malls, international and local restaurants, and even the Nairobi wildlife park on the outskirts of town. Be sure to check out these 101 things to do in Nairobi.


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