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While Dubai is best known for its shopping and its nightlife, there are many outdoor activities which can be enjoyed in the evening or night, as Dubai is the city that never sleeps.

Visit the Jewel of the Emirates, the city that never sleeps, Dubai. With its exciting and vibrant market places, traditional canal cruises to the ultimate shopping indulgence, Dubai truly has it all. Our package to Dubai offers the best that the city has to offer, with an inclusive shuttle service, tours and accommodation making it the perfect holiday getaway, shopping trip or stopover point for your next adventure. Visit Dubai? Let Nowahala Tours offer you the ultimate and modern middle “eastern” package.

Dubai’s main beaches run along Jumeira Road. In truth, it is one long beach divided up by hotels and private clubs, interspaced by a few public access beaches.


Dubai is now home to over a dozen outstanding golf courses. The mild climate makes Dubai an ideal place for the thriving desert sport. World famous golfers and course designers have created spectacular club houses and fairways.


The Covered Gold Souk in Deira is Dubai’s most famous gold market. Designs range from 22 carat Indian extravaganzas to delicate18 carat Italian pieces. Prices are based on weight and craftmanship and fluctuate frequently.


Activities provided at hotels along Jumeria Beach include jet-skiing, sailing, windsurfing, paragliding and water skiing. Diving execursions that can also be arranged.


Dubai is just across the Gulf from Iran, so the supply of Persian carpets is considered one of the best outside of Iran. Prices are also good if you know a bit about carpets and bargaining. If you don’t, this is a good opportunity to take the time to learn about designs, quality, origins, and of course prices.


Desert activities attract visitors and residents alike. One can experience midnight at an oasis under the stars in a bedouin camp with camels tethered nearby. Or enjoy the thrill of 4 or 3-wheeling through the endless dunes. Falconry remains a popular sport throughout the Middle East.


Dubai has a truly extensive choice of great international restaurants. Most of them are located in the larger hotels. Many visitors find it hard to beat dining on the deck over looking The Vivaldi in the Sheraton.


Dubai entertainment includes cinemas, concerts, show cruises, discotheques as well as live entertainment that includes Middle Eastern as well as Western choices.


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