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How to take the perfect selfie

How to take the perfect selfie

Are you going on holiday soon? Well there is no better time to take a selfie than when you are feeling fresh, relaxed and spending your time in luxury! Here are 8 tips that will ensure you get that perfect Instagram holiday post.

1. Don’t look down

We all know what it looks like when you accidentally open your front camera- up the nostril and rocking a double chin, right? Well there is your proof that the perfect selfie is taken from a higher angle.

2. Relax your shoulders

Even if you are the one in control, being in front of a camera can still be scary. This makes a lot of people tense their shoulders up and look uncomfortable. Relax, take a deep breath and let your shoulders sink into your body before taking your selfie.

3. Don’t exaggerate

Opening your eyes a little wider and giving a big smile is perfectly normal for a great selfie. But careful not to open them so wide that your forehead stretches past your hairline! And ladies, your lips look beautifully plump when you rest them naturally, too.

4. Look at your background

A good selfie normally has either a stunning background (like the ocean or a beautiful view) or an extremely simple one that puts the photo’s focus directly onto you. If you’re taking a selfie to show a public environment you’re excited about seeing, then make sure to check for photo-bombers in the background!

5. Catch the light

Your camera’s flash is great for capturing moments on a night out, but it is no match against the beauty that natural light brings to a photo. Right before sunset is the golden hour!

6. Snap a few

Not a photo burst of 20 identical photos though. Try taking a few and you tilt the angle of your face slightly in every shot. Your perfect angle is there!

7. Get creative

It doesn’t always have to be a straight-forward selfie. Experiment with your surroundings and try finding a way to separate your portrait from every other picture out there!

8. Fix it up

Use your phone’s image editing tool to improve the photo quality. Just a few adjustments here and there will do; there is no need to over-edit. Remember to crop it if necessary, too!

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