South Africa’s borders reopened

South Africa’s borders have reopened for tourists from around the globe with the only requirement being a coronavirus test taken no more than 72 hours before departure to spectacular South Africa.


Health and safety protocols

South Africa’s tourism sector has instituted stringent health and hygiene safety protocols, and the country is ready to welcome guests safely and in comfort to plenty tourism opportunities, world-class services and experiences.

‘… world-class experiences…’

Abundance of outdoor activities

South Africa offers an abundance of outdoor and socially distanced activities for tourists, so it’s a perfect place to consider for your next trip. South Africa is definitely a destination for travellers looking for fresh air and wonderful weather. Tourists from around the world love South Africa, a top holiday destination!

‘…fresh air…’

From its nature reserves, towns, cities, coastlines and cultures, South Africa is an adventure of matchless and thrilling activities that you definitely want to see at least once in your lifetime.

‘… matchless thrilling activities…’

Beautiful natural places

There is many national parks and beautiful natural places to visit, a favorite is the famous Kruger National Park where visitors are sure to see Africa’s Big Five; the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo.

‘… Africa’s Big Five…’


South Africa has many beautiful natural phenomenon, a main attraction is the splendid Table Mountain, and you can view its beauty from afar, hike up with a guide or book a ride in a cable car going up the mountain to admire its diverse flora up close.

‘… natural phenomenon…’

Another beautiful nature reserve that visitors love is the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. The reserve has many rare plant species, walking trails and mountain views.

‘…nature, rare plants and mountain views…’

Great urban lifestyle

South Africa also has a great urban lifestyle, a popular international site for tourists is the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. The enormous mall is a delight to shoppers from all around the world. There are five-star restaurants, food markets and activities ranging from historical walking tours, boat rides, museums and a splendid aquarium. A day trip that leaves from the waterfront that is definitely worth a visit is Robben Island; it’s an inspiring educational trip that tells the history of the struggles for people’s rights while showcasing natural surrounding beauty.

‘…beauty, museums and aquariums…’

Interesting history

Because South Africa has an interesting and extensive history there are amazing places to visit and learn more about their history. These include the Apartheid Museum which tells the story of 20th Century South Africa and the now-defunct apartheid system. There’s also The Mandela House, a restored dwelling of the famous South African leader.

There are so many more museums and historical sites that tell South Africa’s story these include The Castle of Good Hope, an expansive and colonial 17th century castle that is now a provincial heritage site. There’s the Cango Caves, a historical network of caves with large mineral formations. There’s also the Voortrekker Monument which commemorates the Afrikaans settlers who arrived in 1830.

‘…historical sites…’

Fun and thrills

Other places to venture to include Gold Reef City in Johannesburg which has more than 40 roller coasters and thrill rides, an interactive history of gold mining and a 4D theatre, it’s a place that you definitely don’t want to miss with the family.

There are so many more fun sites and resorts that you need to visit, one of the most famous being Sun City. A beautiful resort with pools, water parks and multitude of restaurants and bars to choose from.

‘…roller coasters and water parks…’

Excitement throughout the year

Throughout the country there is impressive landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a wealth of top-rated accommodations, farmlands and vineyards. South Africa is filled with opportunities for luxurious comfort and thrill-seeking excitement with a climate that remains comfortable throughout the year.  Whether you want to cross vast wildernesses, search for predators in the bushveld or just lounge on the beach, South Africa has it covered.  Other activities include bungee jumping, abseiling, rafting, surfing, canoeing, diving, horse riding, hiking and much, much more!

‘…beaches, accommodation, luxury and so much more…’

Food and drinks

South Africa offers mouth-watering food and thirst-quenching drinks. From Cape Malay curries in Cape Town’s Bo-Kaap to Xhosa dishes in the townships, you won’t be disappointed.  There are many food markets to try farm-fresh goodies.  When visiting don’t be hesitant to try a wine tour where you can experience centuries of stunning estates and wine farms.  Local beers are always worth a sip.  A bunny chow in Durban is a definite not to be missed meal, it’s a creation from Durban consisting of a hollow bread loaf filled with curry.

‘…mouth-watering and thirst quenching…’

With borders open in South Africa, we hope the above sneak preview will make you want to book you trip as soon as possible.

‘…book as soon as possible…’