Families who spend time together share strong emotional bonds. Spending time together as a family brings about a sense of belonging and enhances communication.

The Festive Season is the best part of the holiday season to spend quality time with those you love. It’s a perfect time to disconnect from everyday stresses and reconnect with what life is all about; family, friends, laughter, love, gratitude and spreading warmth and smiles.

There are many notable and positive benefits of relaxing and spending time with those special people in your life who you can truly let your guard down around.  There are many fun activities you can do together as a family during the holiday season. Whatever activities you decide on doing with your family, the memories that you create throughout the holiday season will be special and lasting.

For starters, we suggest the following family activities that are sure to bring your family closer together.




Go Christmas Shopping

For Christmas lovers nothing can replace shopping together as a family.  Each member shares their own inspiration and excitement and can’t wait for Christmas to arrive!  Shopping with friends and family is an enjoyable experience.  The atmosphere, lights and aromas drive your emotions with ideas to purchase inspired gifts.



Have a Christmas Party

Catch up with old friends and loved ones and have Christmas parties together.  A house party guarantees your privacy.  It is a perfect choice to get to spend quality time with everyone that matters to you. You can arrange fun tricks and activities to meet everybody’s favourite game.  By making your home the entertainment hub, you can party with your choice of delicious food, holiday deserts and sweets.  Christmas party activities can include karaoke, kid friendly crafts, cookie decorating, a treasure hunt, a  with Christmas props; the list is endless! We are confident your house party will be fun easy entertaining and will spread the holiday spirit. 




Attend Outdoor Christmas Events

Check online or in your local community paper for outdoor festive season functions happening.  You are sure to find party events, singing of Christmas carols, concerts and end of the year bashes advertised in your town.  You could also decorate the outside of your home or front door for that great festive feeling.



Game Night

Hold a family game night at least one evening during the holidays.  There are many fun family games that everyone will enjoy.  Turn cell phones and the TV off and gather the family together to play a favourite game.



Movie Night

Watching a favourite holiday movie while enjoying each other’s company is great fun. Get some popcorn and snacks sorted and settle in for a special family movie snack night.



Food Preparation and Baking

Spend time in the kitchen together as a family. Parents and children can do the holiday baking and food preparation as a group. Even the youngest children can wash vegetables, set the table, or ice little cakes.



Share the Love

If grandparents visit during the holidays, spend time sharing family traditions and stories about past generations. Sharing family traditions gives family members values and beliefs.  This is a perfect time to show acts of kindness.  Encouraging words are a great way to express appreciation. A hug or heartfelt thanks reinforces your love and support for family members.



A Holiday for Sure!

A holiday is the best way to spend quality time together as a family.  Prepare your holiday ideas together; this will ensure attractions for all family members are inclusive.  Discuss where you would love to visit, restaurants to try, events or unique places you’d like to explore.  Once you have a list of all the attractions and desires, allow everyone in the family to choose the one thing they would most like to do. The fun thing about this is that members of the family will likely learn that they enjoyed someone else’s choice just as much as theirs. It is a great way for everyone to try something new.

Every family is different and hopefully have a few of their your own ‘family together’ ideas, but this is a good place to start.  It is even better to contact a travel agent who has all the tourism knowledge and experience to put your holiday dreams together with ease.

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